Permanent Placement Division

Staff Force was established in Houston, Texas in 1989 as a temporary staffing firm serving companies across Texas. Staff Force prides itself on being one of the largest privately held temporary staffing firms in the state of Texas. Staff Force recently established an executive level permanent placement and contracts division in 2013. We are located inside Houston’s Energy Corridor giving us the ability to be close to a vast majority of our clients.

Staff Force provides services to our clients seeking direct hire, contract, payroll or temporary candidates with matched expertise and integrity for all cycles of the project’s life.


Engineering Document Control
Design Drilling
Procurement Health, Safety, Environmental
Operations Geological
Project Management Welders, CNC, Machinists
Maintenance Pipe Fitters
Accounting IT

Our relationships are founded on loyalty, trust and dedication. Not only will we find the candidate with the right skills, but will find the candidate with the right culture fit for our clients. At Staff Force, we go one step further than our competition by providing pre-phase interviews (face-to-face) with our candidates. We not only deliver unique skill sets, we deliver valuable people. It is our goal to find the right match for your company’s philosophy and needs. In doing so, we are able to provide our candidates with unmatched success in achieving their career goals.